• Zidni nadgradni zvučnik Audac ATEO2

Zidni nadgradni zvučnik Audac ATEO2

Šifra artikla: ATEO2
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  • Zidni nadgradni zvučnik Audac ATEO2
  • Zidni nadgradni zvučnik Audac ATEO2
  • Zidni nadgradni zvučnik Audac ATEO2
  • Zidni nadgradni zvučnik Audac ATEO2

Opis artikla

Patented Clevermount™ mounting system; Stunning design of loudspeaker and bracket; Installation & connection in no time; 2” Full range aluminium driver; 10 Watt RMS; High-quality sound reproduction; Horizontal & vertical mounting; Available in black and white.

Ostale informacije

The ATEO is a series of extraordinary loudspeakers especially designed for fixed indoor installations, ranging from modern residential applications to the most demanding designer applications in evironments such as retail stores, pubs, restaurants or even clubs. The ATEO 2 is the ultra-compact model of this series which smoothly integrates into any interior like no other loudspeaker. The sound originates from a 2” aluminium cone driver which provides a full-range, warm and detailed sound, with an improved response in the low frequencies due to the ported design. This way, a smooth sound reproduction with clear and crisp sound is guaranteed. The internal selfresetting network provides an optimal overload protection. It features a stunningly designed and elegant looking ABS housing which is fitted with high-quality components. What makes this loudspeaker range so exceptional is the specially designed mounting bracket using Clevermount™ technology, making the loudspeakers cabinet flow together with the mounting bracket providing great ease for installing the loudspeaker in one good-looking entity. The mounting and connection of the loudspeaker is done by mounting the wall-plate to the desired location. The terminal block connector should be fitted to the wires coming from the amplifier and plugged into the counterpart on the speaker’s side. The only next step is clipping the speaker onto the wall plate and tightening it by a quarter turn until its fixed.

Datoteke artikla

Tehničke specifikacije

Dimenzije :  80.5 x 135.5 x 111.5 mm
Osetljivost (1w/1m) :  83 dB
Težina :  0.310 kg
Frekvencijski opseg (-10dB) :  
Frekvencijski odaziv (-3,+3dB) :  120 Hz - 20 kHz
RMS Snaga :  10 Watt
Max snaga :  20 Watt
Max SPL :  93 dB
Impendansa :  8 Ohm