• Plafonski ugradni zvučnik Audac CSW55

Plafonski ugradni zvučnik Audac CSW55

Šifra artikla: CSW55
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  • Plafonski ugradni zvučnik Audac CSW55

Opis artikla

Very good speech reproduction; Quick and simple mounting; Very easy to mount; Paintable in all RAL colours; Very low current consumption LED; 3 different power tappings; Lightweight design speaker

Ostale informacije

The CS series loudspeakers are AUDAC’s ceiling speakers, designed for use any possible application. The CSW55 is AUDAC’s single cone loudspeaker with an integrated white signal LED and idle current control. The speaker combines professional audio equipment with great design and comfort. The ceiling speaker is specially designed to deliver high-quality speech reproduction, but can also be used for background music. The CSE55 is very easy to mount in ceilings and with the standard white colour housing, the speaker will not draw any visible attention. There’s also the oppurtunity to order the CSW55 in any colour from the RAL list, at additional cost. This way, the CSW55’s installation will be no issue for all kinds of existing ceilings out there. The speaker is standard fitted with a 100 Volt line transformer and connections for different powers: - 1600 Ohm - 6 W - 3300 Ohm - 3 W - 6600 Ohm - 1,5 W The speaker contains a built-in signal LED which can be activated with appliance of a 24 V DC. This LED can be used as a emergency lighting system for evacuation purposes.

Datoteke artikla

Tehničke specifikacije

Dimenzije :  205 x 70 mm
Osetljivost (1w/1m) :  93 dB
Težina :  0,9 kg
Frekvencijski opseg (-10dB) :  
Frekvencijski odaziv (-3,+3dB) :  70 Hz - 14 kHz
RMS Snaga :  15 Watt
Max snaga :  20 Watt
Max SPL :  109 dB
Impendansa :  8 Ohm