• Plafonski ugradni zvučnik Audac CS85D

Plafonski ugradni zvučnik Audac CS85D

Šifra artikla: CS85D
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  • Plafonski ugradni zvučnik Audac CS85D

Opis artikla

High-quality 2-way ceiling loudspeaker; Very attractive design; Detachable aluminium grill; 16 Ohm Impedance; True-to-nature sound reproduction; Very wide frequency response; Easy to hide away; Quick and simple mounting

Ostale informacije

The CS series are elegant ceiling loudspeakers, designed for use in any possible application where is need for a sound system without obvious speakers. They are made of high quality components, to ensure a beautiful warm sound reproduction of music and speech. The CS85 is a 2-way high quality loudspeaker with a 8” driver for the low frequency’s, and 1” coaxial tweeter mounted in the centre. It is capable of producing up to 40W RMS, with a maximum of 80W. It ensures a brilliant reproduction of all kinds of music. The /D version is the 16 Ohm variant of the CS85 speaker, providing the additional advantage for connecting a larger number of speakers in parallel to a low impedance audio system. The cone is moisture-proof treated, so they can be used in damp rooms and outside applications, the grill and housing can also be painted to integrate seamlessly into your interior. Below the detachable grill, there are four screws for a quick and simple attachment of the unit. The removable grill and housing of the speaker can be painted, to blend in with the structure the speaker is built in. With these speakers comes an easy cut-out template to facilitate the installation.

Datoteke artikla

Tehničke specifikacije

Dimenzije :  275 x 90 mm
Osetljivost (1w/1m) :  94 dB
Težina :  1,9 kg
Frekvencijski opseg (-10dB) :  
Frekvencijski odaziv (-3,+3dB) :  40 Hz - 20 kHz
RMS Snaga :  40 Watt
Max snaga :  80 Watt
Max SPL :  112 dB
Impendansa :  16 Ohm