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Avtek ProMount Direct; maksimalna težina projektora: 15 kg, okret: 360°, nagib 25°, dužina 130 mmi, maksimalni razmak izmedu rupa na projektoru: 38 cm, boja: siva.

• Possibility to mount directly on the ceiling (13 cm) – ideal for installation in low ceiling rooms.
• Ball joint for precise tilt regulation up to 25° and 360° rotation simplifies the adjustment to the
projection surface.
• Precise regulation of the projector position with threaded distancing tubes for best image
• Maximum spacing between assembly holes up to 38 cm and maximum projector weight up to 25 kg
makes it possible to fit even bigger and heavier projectors.
• Cable can be pulled through so it’s easier to hide it inside the mount.
• Optional extension pole gives the possibility to mount the projector at bigger distance from the
• Color: silver.
• Material: aluminum.
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